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Welcome to the Gates of Silence, Peace, Love, Life!

Be passionate about quantum/energy healing, in alignment with your soul path!

We practice and are continually in the study and research of the best approaches in natural healing and personal development. We wish to support all people who have the desire to awaken towards self-healing and expansion of their souls.

First of all, about the essence of our work in energy healing:
As every subatomic particle in the universe is “energy” and flows freely everywhere without any limits of borders at the level of electromagnetic field, all the atoms in the universe are quantumly related to each other. As for us, human beings, we are also connected to each other by the force of this divine and intelligent Light that created us as divine beings in co-creation with it, the Source of Light.

Quantum healing care can be done face-to-face and also by distance with just as much success and conclusive results for both.

When we do the healing, we use the special specific and unique energies of light from the Earth, the Sky, the infinite universes (dimensions, spheres, plans), benevolent spiritual light energies, as well as Infinite Intelligence to root out all kinds of discomfort, all types of pains, and by doing such, restore your mental, emotional and physical balance.

As desiring/wishing is not enough under the law of attraction: rather, living in the state of being of what one desires, creates what one intensely wants in one’s reality of life. Receiving a healing session is simply accepting what you deserve: blissfull divine light into your body, your mind, your soul; and this is done in order to get you out of the various engrammages on lack of self-esteem, about not feeling “enough”, not deserving love, joy, prosperity, health, etc. …

Therefore, when you choose to heal yourself and take the leap into the void and surrender (let it go), you then allow Infinite Intelligence to mould you and have you co-create with it in a “CUSTOMIZING” mode.

You are able to create your most wonderful wishes from the quantum field into your reality of life, and above all, create what YOU ARE : BEAUTIFUL GENIUS MIND CREATOR, born for succes, love, happiness and abundance!

Change for the better and evolve into a better version of yourself, digging deeply inside your inner universe, seeking the holy secret of who you have been from immemorial times, and reveal yourself as a lightful soul in this incarnation!

We would be happy to support you, and possibly enlighten your path of life. In a setting of gentleness, respect and benevolence, you are welcome with joy and peace in the present moment, always here and now!