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Intuitive Massage

Love your soul and offer it a moment of intense escape,
Well-being, letting go … simply an exquisite gift from your soul to your body.

The Intuitive Massage that I practice is a relaxing psycho-corporal massage that adapts to the stretches and the feelings of the person being massaged in the present moment. I set up a form of electro-magnetic communication that allows a harmonising massage with your hic et nunc needs.

I massage all parts of the body with organic, neutral, odorless coconut oil. My gestures are delicate, with soft and enveloping movements, combining strokes and stretches in progress; your mind goes on a journey and this is where letting go and disconnection come into place.

Well beyond muscular, emotional and mental relaxation, I invite you during the treatment to listen to your body, your emotions, as well as the voice of your soul and what it advises you in order to set up a better version of yourself as well as your daily life at all levels.

Feel the joy of all parts of your body awakening to Life,

Feel the fullness in your muscles, emotions, and mind.

It is a great pleasure to welcome you for these cocooning treatments, where you will experience intense feelings of well-being and self-awakening!

Code of ethics
Article 1
Professional secrecy, the practitioner respects the most absolute confidentiality, whatever the nature of the information received by the person. The anonymity of the people is absolute.
Article 2
A practitioner never asks to stop medical treatment and does not make a medical diagnosis.
Article 3
The practitioner does not claim to be endowed with miraculous powers.
Article 4
The practitioner must declare his activity in order to avoid any drift.
Article 5
The duration and price of the sessions must be known in advance.
Article 6
The practitioner does not see minors under the age of 18 for consultation without the presence of a related adult.
Article 7
Freedom of engagement, the practitioner reserves the right not to engage in a practice of care, he can advise another practitioner or practitioner.
Article 8
The practitioner will encourage the person to use their free will and their personal potential to be an actor in their life. The practitioner does not exert any psychological influence.
Article 9
Continuous training of the practitioner, he himself goes through a process of openness and personal development. He is concerned with optimizing his knowledge and skills. He is keen to continue his professional training process by any means at his convenience.
Article 10
The practitioner does not receive people with intellectual disabilities for consultation without the presence of their legal guardian.


Intuitive massage – 1h00 : 150€

Intuitive massage – 1h30 : 225€